Welcome to Mr. Thomas' on-line classroom. You will find everything you need here to study and complete asssignments for your class. Use the tabs above to navigate to your course page or to get to course tools like Google Drive.


Important Documents

  • The Daily Record lists what we do in class each day. Please check it if you are absent.
  • The Rules Sheet contains the complete set of class of rules and processes.
  • The Group Work Guide Doc and Slideshow explain how to complete group work with your classmates.

Important Rules, Concepts and Procedures

  • There are three kinds of work in Mr. Thomas' classes: (1) mastering content, (2) keeping track (of requirements and due dates), and (3) caring (about the work, the subject and the class)
  • Assignments will typically be available for 7 days.
  • All assignments may be redone as many times as you want. The final score is the highest score attained.
  • Due dates will be specified for all assignments. Any assignment not turned in by the date specified will receive a 0.
  • I will accept late work. But I won't be happy about it.
  • Extra credit is available on the course pages. You may complete up to 999 points of extra credit.
e-mail: bthomas@bhbl.org
website: http://www.mrthomas.site44.com
telephone number: (518) 399–9141 x1083215